I’m in Seattle

THEY’RE REGULAR PEOPLE TOO: xJOE509x from Hard Time catching up on the latest celebrity gossip in US Weekly

@crackedpopskulls trying to get out of a chair

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Mudhoney on the cover of The Rocket, March 1992

this album is fucking crazy


this person has never seen pulp fiction


Faith No More - “Be Aggressive,” Angel Dust


Anonymous asked:

what's good about being creepy?


Maybe nothing. But it’s also only an opinion of someone else’s and isn’t necessarily right or good either. In fact, someone else’s opinion of me, is ONLY an opinion. It is completely and utterly worthless to waste your time voicing a negative one, as cowardly as you are choosing to do so. Go be worthless (my opinion of you) somewhere else. 


The Ramones | Poison Heart